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Hot SEAL, Heartbreaker(5)
Author: Cat Johnson

He reminded himself women, all women, even the hot ones, were off limits until after V-Day.

Shame. But it had to be done. His self-preservation depended on it.






Alicia drew back as the guy came to stand right in front of her, too close for comfort. Way too close for a stranger.

“Alicia.” He leaned in, invaded her personal space, and wrapped his arms around her.

So, not a stranger then. But still, no one who should be freaking hugging her. She narrowed her eyes and pulled back, out of his grasp. “Do I know you?”

“Yeah, sure you do. Remember? We danced at Jen and Jason’s wedding?”

Now that she thought about it, she remembered dancing with a few of her female cousins and this guy insinuating himself in the middle of their group.

“Come on. You know you remember me. I’m Andrew. You don’t have to pretend and play shy.”

The diagnosis of narcissist flew unbidden into her brain as Alicia cocked up a brow. “I’m not playing, Andrew. And yes, I do remember you. Now. In fact, we actually first met at my sister’s engagement party. You were there with a date. I believe she was one of the secretaries from the office where you work with Jason.”

The office which wasn’t near enough to Coronado that this guy just showing up at the same time she was here could be a coincidence.

Had her sister seriously sent him to McP’s knowing she’d be here?

“So what are you doing here?” she asked.

If Jen had done this, if Andrew was Jen’s latest attempt at a fix-up, Alicia was going to lose her mind. And then her temper.

From what she remembered of this man, he was an obnoxious, self-centered, know-it-all who’d been all over his date at the engagement party—a subordinate from his job, which made it even worse.

Jason’s dog didn’t even like this guy and Chester usually loved everyone.

Alicia trusted animal instincts. Given a choice between her sister’s questionable taste and Chester’s, she was siding with the dog on this one.

“So, funny thing,” he began, still standing too close. “I’d actually just asked Jason recently if you were dating anyone. Then Jen calls the office and tells me you were here and suggested we meet up.”

“Here you go. One order of wings.” The waitress, who had the worst timing ever, planted a platter in front of Alicia along with a napkin and utensils. The server glanced at Andrew and asked, “Should I bring over another setup?”

“No,” Alicia said, a bit too fast while silently cursing herself that she didn’t request the order be wrapped to go in time. Now she was stuck here, with him.

Ignoring Alicia’s answer, Andrew glanced down at the server. Or rather, down at her cleavage. “Yeah, sure. That’d be great, sweetie.”

As he grinned at the waitress, Alicia made a decision.

“You know what? My bad. I meant to order these to go. I’m not staying. I’m so sorry,” she apologized to the server.

“Sure. No problem. I’ll wrap them up.”

“Great. Thanks.”

With a quick glance at Andrew before she grabbed the platter and hustled away, the server looked relieved to have an excuse to leave. Alicia could commiserate.

With the order being wrapped to-go, that was one problem down. Andrew standing close enough she could smell the cigarette smoke on his breath was proof she still had one, big, obnoxious problem left to go.

Alicia angled her body so she’d be able to slide off the barstool and make a break for it as soon as her order was wrapped and then glanced up at the brutish man her sister thought she would like.

“I’m sorry you came all the way over here. But I have to get home.”

“Sounds good.” His wide grin didn’t match the reaction she’d expected.

Wait. Did he think he was coming home with her?

Oh, hell no. Not now. Not ever.

“I’m sorry.” Not really, but she had to seem polite. “I’m not interested in company tonight.”

Or any night.

Thankfully, the server came forward bearing a brown paper bag and the bill. Time to get out of there.

“Thanks. Keep the change.” Alicia handed over a wad of cash for her food and then turned to her unwelcome companion. “Good night, Andrew.”

“What? No. Come on, Lish. The night is young. We can still have a little fun back at your place. Eat some hot wings. Drink some beer. You know. See where things go.”

Lish? The nickname was the least of the things wrong with Andrew’s presumptions. The biggest problem was he really thought she’d be willing to bring him home with her.

Alicia didn’t have to bring him back to her place for him to eat her food and drink her beer to see where things would go. She knew already, and that was straight downhill, faster and further than they’d already gone.

Jen was going to pay for this one. She silently cursed her sister and said, “No, thank you.”

“I know how to show you a good time.” He reached out and ran one finger down her arm.

He knew how to show her a good time? Seriously?

It was only shock that kept her from laughing at his overinflated opinion of his own sexual prowess.

She didn’t believe him nor did she need his help to have a good time. She had toys that could do whatever he could, and no doubt do a better job of it too.

“Andrew, look. Thanks for the offer, but I’m going to take my bag of food and I’m going to go home. Alone.”

“Come on. Let me at least walk you to your car—”

“That’s not necessary. I’m fine walking alone. Really.”

“It’s no problem.”

Alicia was starting to fear she’d never get rid of the blind date from hell. Another diagnosis flew into her therapist’s brain. Controlling. Self-centered. Misogynist.

Andrew was one of those men who didn’t believe a woman when she said no. The kind of man she had in mind when she and Shelly took that self-defense class.

Sometimes the only thing they’d listen to was a knee to the groin.

“I don’t need you to walk me,” she said with more force, hoping she wouldn’t have to employ any of the moves she’d learned.

“Sure, you do—”

“The lady said she wants to be left alone.” The deep, take-no-shit voice came from behind her. And from above her too.

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