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Don't Stop Believing (Midlife Mulligan #3)
Author: Eve Langlais





The weirdest thing about my life isn’t the fact my cat started talking to me.



I had it all. Awesome, blossoming business. A cute boyfriend who gave me butterflies. My kids living at home and reconnecting with me. Plus, I was a witch. There, I said it out loud. I’m a sorceress who can do magic.

Not bad for a woman my age. I should have known better to get so cocky.

The other shoe dropped, bounced, and hit me in the face, then bounced again and whacked me in the shin. It proceeded to ricochet once more and—

What should have been the most amazing night turns into a disaster. I’m crushed, in more ways than one.

When I recover, it’s to find my reality has shifted. My cat can speak. Some of the townsfolk appear to be possessed by demons, and I’m supposed to be sacrificed to free magic.

Seriously? I just wanted my damned happily ever after.

And I will fight to get it.


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The beast was dead. Not really a surprise given the aquatic monster had outlived its purpose. The creature, named Maddy by the humans, had fought long and hard against their dominion. It took years after its capture before it did their bidding and helped them retrieve the muddy remains of the source. Hard to believe the sludge that Maddy guarded inside her underwater cave was part of the key to unlocking the magic they’d lost.

They dredged everything they could from the lake, down to the smallest speck. Packaged hundreds of bottles bearing the inert source.

Not long now. The bottles had been distributed to the new residents expanding the town of Cambden and its surrounding areas. A grubby hamlet that didn’t come close to resembling the grand cities of old that they’d once ruled. They’d gone from royalty to paupers, but their time was about to come again.

Leviathan regarded the body at his feet. Dead because it failed him. Jude—a human suit he’d worn from time to time—had outlived his use.

A good thing he always had a few spare vessels to jump into. He kicked the body into the water lapping at the interior pier. He didn’t worry about it being found given the rapacious fish he’d seeded in the water. Always hungry for fresh meat.

As Leviathan strode from the loading dock, now silent with the machines turned off, he noticed with satisfaction that they’d finished ahead of schedule. Now he only had to play his repulsive part, and then he’d be the one to lead them into the new world.

The one to wield the most magic.

As he entered the reception area, his gaze tracked directly to those passing through. His stride quickened, though not as long as he liked. The vessel he’d taken over was not to his usual standards; however, it suited his purpose for the moment. Especially once he made some subtle modifications.

Leviathan smirked at the other princes, only eleven left of the original seventeen who fled death in their world. With little time to scout, and the planets ill aligned, they’d had to settle for Earth, a place with suitable hosts for their consciousness, if lacking in magic.

“Are you working together to wrest control from me?” He was only half mocking. He’d not made it to this point by underestimating his competition.

“If you want to drive, then go ahead. The end result will be the same. Magic for all,” Soneillon pointed out.

Leviathan snorted. “You would be blasé, given my sources say you’ve been working on the witch’s daughter.”

The prince shrugged. “You failed. Time for someone else to have a turn.”

“I had her,” he argued. As Jude, he had fucked the daughter then thought he could make the act with the mother more palatable by inviting her to join them.

“And then lost her,” Astaroth said with a laugh. “What is the delay? Does the body you chose to use have issues?”

“My cock works just fine. It’s her. The witch.” He grimaced.

“If it’s so repugnant then, move aside for someone else,” Astaroth suggested.

“Like you? Is there anything you won’t fornicate with?” Leviathan growled, growing tired of the deal he’d made with the other remaining royals. This uneasy alliance was only born out of necessity. Centuries of seeking the source and seeing themselves dwindle in number. And then finally the clue that changed everything.

A lake hiding a lost treasure guarded by a formidable witch.

But they had time to get past her defenses and tame the beast guarding it. The alignment they’d been waiting for was moments away. Soon, they would take back their power.

And then Leviathan would kill everyone, so he didn’t have to share it.






Not long after Christmas, I had the lake monster dream. A thing I used to dread. Now, it saddened me. Maddy, the creature people claimed lived in Cambden’s lake, was gone.

The pebbled beach marching into the water held no ominous shade or shape. No unusual humps or ripples marred the surface of the lake. No more nuclear glowing either.

The monster had passed away, and I missed it. I woke sniffling. Sad.

What is wrong with me? Why would anyone miss the terror that Maddy used to bring? I mean the darned thing used to eat me practically each time I closed my eyes.

Except in my last dream of Maddy, when the beast looked sick and dying. Had my subconscious killed my imaginary beast? Perhaps it was a symbolic thing that had to do with my burgeoning sense of self-empowerment. I’d transformed from a housewife and a doormat. Gotten out of a toxic relationship with a man who despised me.

And I mean despise.

Martin had set my house on fire. With me in it. That kind of left a bitter taste in my mouth, which often flipped into the sour flavor of guilt because I’d yet to give a damn he’d died.

Martin had turned into a mean old man, and I was glad he was gone. Life was better than I could remember. I greeted the day now instead of dreading it.

With that thought, I sprang out of bed, delighted to find the sheets dry. No menopausal sweats in the middle of the night where I was stripping the bed and taking a cold shower. Twice in the last week it happened. Nothing during the day yet. I assumed it was coming and wondered if they had a Jaws-like theme song for the menopause symptoms that liked to pounce at inconvenient times. Although I was digging the silver in my hair. I thought of it as natural highlights.

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