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Grieved Loss (Bellandi Crime Syndicate #3)
Author: Adelaide Forrest




I’ve never known pain like when I lost my husband, never known the fear that came with wondering how I would suddenly support my two kids. So when an anonymous benefactor stepped forward on my husband’s behalf, I never questioned it.

And then Ryker comes from the shadows to show me the truth, determined to show me what his brand of love can be. He demands everything from me, my heart, my soul, my body.

And he won’t stop until he’s taken everything.






For years, I watched my Sunshine from the shadows, letting her live out her simple life with the man who didn’t deserve her. My loyalty to the Bellandis demanded nothing less, but when her husband is shot down in a drug deal gone bad, there’s nothing that will stop me from stepping in and claiming Calla and the kids as my own.

I give her one year to grieve, to adjust to life without him. But when the year is up, rising tensions in my world threaten to steal her away from me. I won’t let anything come between us.

Not even Calla herself.






Grieved Loss is a full-length standalone novel with an HEA, but the series presents a better reading experience when following the suggested reading order.

This series contains dark elements, including an over-the-top stalker of an antihero who does as he pleases. Please read at your own discretion.

For questions regarding triggers, please don't hesitate to reach out to Adelaide Forrest on Facebook.






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“I Get Off” – Halestorm

“Goddess of the Rain” – Burn the Ballroom

“Play Dirty” – Kevin McAllister

“Grip” – Seeb, Bastille

“Chaos” – Ravenscode

“Drown” – Brian Dalton

“Devil A Pray” – Easy Mccoy

“Eye of the Storm” – Watt White

“Live in the Light” – Watt White

“Disgust Me” – New Years Day

“Nothing Is As It Seems” – Hidden Citizens

“Dance in the Rain” – Bolshiee

“Wanted” – Ben Hazelwood

“Take It All” – Pop Evil

“Animal In Me” – Solence

“Gone” – Bebe Rexha

“I Was Alive” – Dark Signal

“Underwater” – Skies Collide

“Falling Down” – Landsdowne

“Animals” – Concepts

“Better Together” – UNSECRET

“Never Have I Ever” – Danielle Bradbery

“Church” – Fall Out Boy

“The Truth” – Audiomachine

“Make Me Believe” – The Everlove

“Something to Remind You” – Staind

“Hold” – Vera Blue

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"Give Me One Reason" - Tracy Chapman

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"Love the Way You Lie pt 2" - Rihanna ft. Eminem

"Have a Little Faith in Me" - John Hiatt

"Love the Way You Lie" - Eminem ft. Rihanna





Four years ago



There was no excuse for the things I’d done. Nothing I could say to make them right. In the end, it would all be a lie anyway. I liked the feel of my knife slicing through skin and found beauty in the way blood poured onto the floor to spread like motor oil. I liked them too much to regret them, and I’d do them all over again.

To find her.

Despite all my crimes, and all my sins, I knew even then that nothing could compare to the crime of stalking Calla Latour. Following her husband came easy, even if it meant I had to work harder to stay hidden.

They frowned upon watching the police.

But stalking his innocent wife because he decided the simple life with white picket fence just wasn’t enough for him? That was a crime worthy of the death sentence. It was a crime I knew I could never justify to myself.

Especially since she quickly became an addiction. I felt her burning in my veins as if I'd shot her up like a drug.

A woman like Calla was all good, all sunshine and light. I lived my life in the shadows where I belonged. But somehow it felt like my shadows changed when I first set eyes on her. Like my shadows became her shadows. Calla was a guiding light in my otherwise bleak existence, and I couldn’t turn away.

It didn't matter that she spent most of her time in yoga pants, with her white blond hair in a ponytail, looking more and more exhausted with every hour that passed. Something about those big, dark blue eyes called to me in a way that I couldn’t explain.

But I kept my distance. Because if I got too close, I would take Calla for my own. I owed everything to the Bellandi family. Her husband Chad would be useful to Matteo if he proved himself.

Very useful.

It wasn't every day that a Police Lieutenant wanted to join the Bellandi payroll, intending to make evidence disappear or stop it from being collected.

So I watched her. I made sure she wasn't meeting with anyone on her husband's behalf. Even though I knew from the first moment I followed her that the only crooked thing she had going was her smile.

She walked through the park, pushing her two-year-old son Axel in the stroller and willing him to stay asleep. She looked pained doing it, as if the toddler just never slept or gave her a moment's peace. Judging from the look on her face and the way I’d watched her snuggle with him on the couch the entire night before, I suspected it might be true. Her husband had come home after dinner, greeted her briefly, and gone up to their bed to sleep peacefully under the covers while she handled Axel.

She was too good for him. Too good for both of us.

I stayed a few paces behind her, feigning disinterest as she made her way down the path in the park near their house. The fresh air seemed to help calm Axel, as it was already their second stroll through the park for the day.

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