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Balancing it All (The Punishment Pit #4)(7)
Author: Livia Grant

I’m really getting worried. I can’t stop obsessing over being spanked.

Since finding out her husband was more than happy to take her in hand, Bri had found it hard to make it through a single hour of the day without remembering how their already strong marriage was transforming into the kind of D/s marriage she had longed for. What worried her wasn’t just the spanking she yearned for. It was the total package—submission, discipline, intimacy, and surprisingly, humiliation. That last one shocked her, but there was no denying that the warm memories of the humiliation punishments delivered at The Punishment Pit were never far from her mind.

Still alone in the bathroom, Bri couldn’t resist snaking her fingers up under her long dress. She was so horny she was sure her naked pussy was visibly throbbing. Sliding her fingers through her wet cleft, she finished with a hard pinch to her clit, attempting to satisfy her ache.

She contemplated going back into a stall for some privacy when the door opened and a stately woman dressed in an elegant gown entered. Bri quickly dropped her naughty hand, wishing her own long gown into smooth submission. Sensing the woman had stopped and was staring, she looked up. The older woman’s revealing smirk told Bri all she needed to know. The woman knew exactly what she’d interrupted.

“You wouldn’t be Brianna, would you?”

Brianna was surprised. “Y-yes. I’m Brianna.”

“Thought so. Your husband is waiting outside. Seems he was worried something happened to you since you’d been gone so long from your table.”

“Oh. I’m fine. Thanks.”

The woman’s smile grew as she started to chuckle. “I think I’m starting to understand.”

Brianna was confused. “Understand what?”

“The second part of your husband’s message. He told me to get him right away if something was wrong, but if you were fine, he asked me to pass along a rather personal message.”

Brianna had an uneasy feeling that she was not going to like that message. “Do I want to ask?”

“I guess that depends.”


“On if you like spankings. He said to tell you he and his belt are waiting impatiently outside the door,” the woman said with a wink.

“Oh, shit.”

“Oh, honey. If only I were twenty-five years younger. You two are making me miss my departed husband. You do know you’re a very lucky woman, don’t you?”

Brianna’s heart was pounding so hard at the thought of Markus disciplining her with his belt.

He wouldn’t punish me in public, would he?

It took her a second to realize the woman was still standing nearby, watching and awaiting her reply. “You don’t know the half of it. I’m the luckiest woman on the planet.”

The woman had a look of satisfaction. “Well, I’m just glad you realize it. I’d get out there if I were you. I wouldn’t keep a handsome man like that waiting too long. There are plenty of vultures around here that may try to swoop in and steal him from you.”

“I’m not too worried, but well… thank you. You know… for the message.”

“You’re very welcome.”

Bri took a deep breath and opened the ladies’ room door. As promised, her husband was nearby, leaning casually against the wall, hands pushed into his tuxedo pants pockets, looking absolutely GQ. She flashed her brightest smile. “Hi, honey. Sorry I kept you waiting.” She laid it on thick. The picture of innocence.

“Were my instructions unclear?”

Brianna melted at his authoritative tone. It did funny things to her already discombobulated insides. “No, sir. It just took some time to get everything all taken care of as you asked.”

He didn’t speak. He took her hand, dragging her quickly behind him in the opposite direction of the party. They turned down another hallway, where there were even fewer patrons.

When they arrived at what appeared to be a dead end—two closed heavy doors—she assumed they’d turn around. Instead, Markus surprised her by leading them through the unlocked doors, making sure to close them.

There was just enough low lighting to see they were in a deserted hallway. Her heart rate jumped as Markus lifted her into a fireman’s hold, throwing her unceremoniously over his broad shoulder. He moved them quickly to a door marked “family restroom.”

“Markus! I don’t think we’re supposed to be here. Put me down!”

With a sharp smack to her upturned ass, he let her know what he thought of her idea. “Shush. We need to be quiet and fast. We can’t be gone too long, but there’s no way I’m waiting until we get back to the hotel to punish you. If we’re going to be subjected to that blow-hard babbling all night, I can at least enjoy watching you squirm in your seat, knowing your ass is properly punished and plugged. If we’re really lucky, we’ll have enough time for a quickie and you can enjoy my cum seeping out to stain my naughty slut’s beautiful dress.”

Hearing her Dom call her a slut for the first time, Brianna nearly self-combusted on the spot. The only person to call her that derogatory name before was Jake. She thought she hated the word. Only now did she realize it wasn’t the word she hated—it was the man who’d used it. From the lips of her loving husband, in the current scenario, it was hot as hell. She wanted to be his naughty slut in private.

Markus deposited Bri on her ass atop a waist-high marble countertop. Her husband moved with purpose, pushing her to lie backwards, flat on her back. Then he slung her dangling legs up and over her body, doubling her in half so her feet were near her ears and her plugged ass was now bared, front and center for her husband’s inspection.

“Fuck, that’s the hottest thing I’ve seen in my entire life; seeing you displayed before me like this, sweetheart, that plug filling your ass. Shit, we need to hurry. I’ve got to get one off or I’m never going to get through the rest of this night. Hold your legs for me.”

Brianna was as eager to feel it as her husband was to be inside her. The woman had interrupted her much too early in the bathroom. She couldn’t wait for Markus to scratch her itch.

The distinctive whoosh of his belt pulling out of his pants cranked up her excitement to a fever pitch. To most women, that sound struck fear. For Brianna, pain was mere foreplay. Not only did she have a high pain tolerance, but the pain actually enhanced her sexual experience. Markus may not have known her secret for the first three years of their marriage, but he was making up for lost time.

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