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Sly (Dragon Riders MC #5)
Author: Savannah Rylan







“Sly, will you calm the fuck down?” Link asked.

I shook my head. “You know this is bullshit. You know it, Link.”

His eyes narrowed. “You know our creed. You know that anyone who comes in here looking to be part of us—”

I shot to my feet. “Fuck our creeds! We’re at war, Link! You really mean to tell me—”

He grabbed my arm and pulled me back down into my seat. A gesture I didn’t fucking like. I glared at the man I had called my “president” for the past four years and didn’t even recognize who the fuck I was looking at any longer. His woman had made him soft. Hell, all of these assholes I’d once known as powerful men had been reduced to nothing but cowards and pussies because of these women galloping into their lives. That was why I kept women at arm’s length. That was why I fucked ‘em and left ‘em.

Because otherwise? They’d be the downfall of us all.

Including this crew.

Link leaned toward my ear. “You listen to me good, Sly. I’ve had just about enough of your bullshit to last me a lifetime. You don’t like this guy? That’s fine by me. But he’s come to us with a want and I’m going to at least question him about it. Don’t like it? Go find another crew.”

I chewed on the inside of my cheek until my tooth sank into a hole. The taste of my own blood had me focusing on something else instead of breaking Link’s nose. Or possibly breaking his goddamn neck. We were at war not just with Skeleton, but with the Feds now. And some guy came waltzing up into our bar asking around for information about us? About wanting to join?

And no one thought that was weird!?

I leaned back in my chair as Link got up and walked over to the new guy. He was a scrawny-ass little thing, too. He called himself “Chains,” as if that wasn’t the fakest fucking name on the face of the planet. His hair was a little too long for my tastes. His clothes were also a bit too bright. And his smile?

Well, a bit too cheery for someone who wanted to join up with something like the Dragon Riders.

“Maybe he should try Skeleton’s crew, bunch of wimps,” I murmured to myself.

The last thing we needed was to be distracted with a new group. I mean, we had just gotten back from the emergency trip to the campground. We had to lay low, for crying out loud! We’d only been back in town, what? A few hours? Just long enough to breathe? And some asshole came trolloping into the bar acting like there ain’t shit goin’ on?

Then again, if that trip did us right then of course no one would know what was going on.

Maybe this is a good sign.

My gut told me otherwise, though.

“Ready to sink my teeth into the new guy, boys!” Knuckles exclaimed.

I rolled my eyes at the triumphant announcement. Even Knuckles was a completely different man now. Before his weirdo not-really-sister came into the fray, he was quiet. Didn’t put up with anyone’s shit. Told it like it was no matter who he pissed off. And now? He was making massive introductions of himself, raising his voice, and laughing like he actually had shit to laugh about.

I snickered. “Girls. They change everything.”

I crossed my arms over my chest and watched the guys surround Chains. While we may have had enough time to regroup at the campground, we sure as hell hadn’t even had enough time to shit in our own toilets. I mean, it felt more like an ambush than anything else! I expected to come home, wait a few days, possibly have some church meetings, maybe get the gang together a time or two. Then, we’d hop into shit.

Then, we’d start opening our doors again.

Plus, we still didn’t know what our standing was with the Feds. My worry was that they were still watching even though they weren’t in town. Not like I’d had time to address that with Link, though. He was much too busy being up the ass of some new guy whose timing was a bit too… precocious.

The guys were too chummy and too positive for the ordeal we’d been through, so I took it upon myself to keep watching their backs. While these guys were off in la-la land with their girls and their homes and their living situations and being excited about sleeping with the same girl over and over again, I decided to actually watch out for things. I decided to look over my shoulder. To double-check the shadows.

After all, someone had to save them from their own stupidity.

“Who’s the new guy?” Ash asked.

His voice pulled me from my thoughts as he plopped down into a chair, causing it to creak almost like it might break.

“Ash. You’re finally back. Where’s Bowser?”

He clapped my shoulder. “Right here. Got a beer for ya, too.”

I reached over my shoulder. “Thank. Fuck.”

Ash nodded toward Link. “So, who is he?”

The ice cold beer hit my palm. “A guy named Chains. Came in about an hour ago inquiring about joining up with us.”

Bowser paused. “Wait, what?”

I sipped my drink. “Yep. It’s about as weird as you think it is.”

Ash watched the scene for a bit before turning to me. “So, our patrol.”

Bowser sat down next to me. “Clean as a whistle. And we went over everything twice. No black cars or SUVs. No surveillance.”

“Looks like those Feds packed up and really did ship out.”

I clicked my tongue. “I’m sure they did.”

Bowser furrowed his brow. “You believe they’re still watching us?”

My eyes slowly gravitated back over to Chains. “All I know is the Feds never let up when they’ve got a theory working. My guess? They’re not in town, but they’re still watching. Somehow.”

I watched as Link looked over at him and he nodded. I wasn’t sure what the hell that meant, but apparently Bowser did. He tapped me on my shoulder again before ushering me to rise. And Ash did the same. The three of us stood to our feet and I watched as Bowser made his way for the back rooms of the Iron Horse.

And when he nodded for us to follow, I did as such.

I chugged my beer and dumped it into a trash can before walking back into the hallway. We dumped ourselves into Link’s office all the way at the end, the furthest away from all the riff-raff and ruckus of the bar. I watched the door, waiting for the other guys to show up. And one by one, they filed in.

Until all of us were in a room behind a closed door together.

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