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One More Promise (Band on the Run #2)(8)
Author: Samantha Chase

   “Good for you,” Paige said, taking the bottle of soda from Daisy’s hand. “And I hope you have a great weekend. I’ll see you Monday.” She began to walk away, but Daisy got in step beside her.

   “Can I ask you something?”


   “Do you ever do anything…you know…fun?”

   Paige looked at her as if she was crazy. “Seriously? That’s your question?”

   Daisy nodded. “Uh-huh. It’s just that I’ve noticed how you take work home every weekend, and you never talk about doing anything fun, like going on a date or out with friends. You should do that.”

   They were at the elevator, and Paige hit the Down button and then turned toward Daisy. “Things have been busy but…sure, I go out with friends.”

   “When was the last time you did that?”

   Oh God. When was that? Probably around the last time she’d had sex. Not that she was having sex with friends but… Oh. Wait. Mitch. Mitch Stevens. Sex and a friend. Sort of like a two-for-one based on this conversation.

   “Okay, I’ll admit it’s been a while. But it’s all good. Once this campaign stuff falls into place, I’ll be able to step back a bit and take time for myself. I promise.”

   Daisy’s gaze narrowed. “I’m not sure I believe you.”

   Behind them, the elevator dinged its arrival. Thankfully.

   “Don’t worry about me,” Paige said reassuringly. “I’m fine. You enjoy your weekend and hopefully on Monday all of this will have sorted itself out. And maybe…” She stopped as the look on Daisy’s face changed.


   Her mouth opened and closed but no sound came out. Her eyes widened.

   “Daisy? Are you okay? What’s going on?”

   “I…I… It’s…it’s…”

   Panic swamped Paige. She stepped forward and grabbed her assistant by the shoulders and gave her a gentle shake. “Daisy? What’s wrong?”

   “Sex!” Daisy hissed.


   Daisy began to tremble as she leaned forward and whispered to Paige, “Sex on a stick. Oh God. He really is!”

   Paige took a step back and immediately bumped into someone. “Oh…excuse me. I’m sorry. I…” She turned her head and froze.

   Good Lord.

   Tall, dark, and a bit scruffy. He wore faded blue jeans, a gray T-shirt, and a leather jacket, and smelled like a sexy combination of heaven and sin. Paige’s eyes wandered up to his strong jaw and dark-chocolate-brown eyes as she swallowed hard.

   Holy. Crap.

   “Hey,” he said casually, smiling. “I’m looking for Paige Walters. I was told her office was up here.”

   “You’re…you’re…” Daisy stammered.

   He laughed softly and held out his hand to her. “Dylan Anders.”

   Of course he was.



Chapter 2

   Dylan shook hands with the woman who was still wide eyed and slack jawed, but it was the one directly in front of him who held his attention. She was petite and curvy and maybe it was the glasses but…her eyes looked huge. They were such a deep shade of brown they were almost black and maybe it was his imagination but she hadn’t blinked. At all. Taking his hand from the first woman, he asked, “And you are?”

   She giggled. “Daisy. I’m Daisy Garner and I’m a huge fan.” She studied her hand and then sighed. “Wow. I can’t believe you’re here. I was just saying how I was hoping you’d come in and here you are! Can I get a picture of you? Will you wait while I get my camera? I swear I’ll only be a minute and—”

   “Daisy!” the woman in front of him snapped, but she didn’t look away from him.

   “Oh…right. Sorry. Give me a minute.”

   When she was gone, Dylan relaxed. Smiling, he said, “She’s a bit chatty, huh?”

   “You have no idea.”

   He waited a minute to see if she’d introduce herself, and when she didn’t, he prompted, “I don’t believe I caught your name.”

   She blushed. “Oh…um. Paige. I’m Paige Walters.”

   Uh-oh. This threw his plans for a loop. He was all set to charm an elderly librarian type. And Paige Walters was as far from an elderly librarian as they came. She had a studious look to her, but those killer curves and the fact that she was probably younger than him blew that plan to hell. Now what? Maybe she was a fan like Daisy was. That could work in his favor.

   “So,” he began, “you’re exactly who I was hoping to see.” Then he noticed her satchel and it dawned on him that she had been waiting for the elevator. “I’m sorry. Is this a bad time?”

   “Did we have an appointment?” she asked, her voice sounding a little gruff and shaky.

   “Uh…no. We didn’t. I was hoping to talk to you about this campaign that you’re working on.”

   Her eyes got wider and then narrowed at him. “Really?” she asked with both sarcasm and disbelief.

   Dylan nodded. “Yes. So…do you have some time right now to talk? If you’re heading somewhere, I can walk with you, or we can grab some coffee or—”

   “Oh, take her to get some coffee!” Daisy said excitedly, as she walked toward them, smiling from ear to ear. She snapped a couple of pictures of him and then asked Paige to take one of the two of them together before she got back on topic. “Paige was heading out, but she loves that great coffee shop on the corner. They have amazing cake pops.”

   “I’m standing right here, Daisy,” Paige said wearily.

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