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One More Promise (Band on the Run #2)(6)
Author: Samantha Chase

   “I know there are some big names on there—none of whom are probably going to do it—but that’s not the point. The point is, I had an outline for this campaign and she disregarded it. Now I’m going to have to redo my approach and still reach out to authors and their agents and publicists and publishers when I’m already swamped!”

   “I can help with that, Paige. That’s part of my job.”

   Paige smiled. “I know. And thank you. But…I had this whole thing worked out in my head and now it’s going to be completely different.”

   “What did your father say? Didn’t he question why she changed everything without telling you?”

   “He never got the chance,” Paige said.

   “How come?”

   “Because in the middle of it all, she dropped a bombshell. She’s pregnant.”


   Paige nodded. “Oh yes.”

   “And she decided to share that? In the middle of your presentation?”

   Another nod. “I don’t think she would have if it weren’t for the fact that I was calling her out on making these changes without my permission and she was trying to take the focus off that.”

   “Kind of an elaborate tale to tell just to get out of getting reprimanded.”

   Tale? “Wait…are you saying you don’t think she’s pregnant?”

   Daisy’s eyes went wide. “What? Oh, no. That’s not what I meant. Although…nothing would surprise me where Ariel’s concerned.” Then her hand flew over her mouth as if she couldn’t believe she had said that out loud.

   Unable to help herself, Paige burst out laughing.

   “Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God!” Daisy cried, jumping to her feet. “I’m sorry! I’m really, really sorry. I can’t believe I said that!”

   Wiping tears of mirth from her eyes, Paige waved her off. “It’s okay. Seriously, Daisy, you’re fine. It’s fine. Sit down. Please.”

   Daisy murmured “Oh God” a few more times, then sat, her face beet red with embarrassment. After a moment, she calmed and let out a slow breath. “That was completely unprofessional of me. Ariel is your sister and an executive, and she deserves my respect.”

   Color me impressed. “It’s all right,” Paige said. “No one heard except me and…well…you know my frustration with my sister, so we’re good.”

   “Honestly, Paige, you need to say something to your father. Or to your mother, and have her talk to your father. What Ariel does it’s…it’s just wrong.”

   Don’t I know it. “The thing with her is she’s good at her job. Really good. I’m not trying to take that away from her. But she’s not good at finding a cause and getting a campaign started. She’s good at taking over once all the groundwork is done.”

   “So why not let it be known that it’s not fair that she’s coasting on other people’s ideas?” Daisy asked.

   “Because I’d end up looking paranoid. I’m not good at responding on the fly when she pulls one of these swoops. I’m normally stunned and then I turn mute.”

   “Or you come in here and talk to yourself.”

   Paige’s eyes narrowed at the comment.


   “Don’t be. You’re right. I just don’t know how to be heard. I’ve tried to show that I can handle a campaign on my own, I really have, but…” She paused. “Do people think I dress weird?”


   “My clothes. You hear the things people comment on around here. Has anyone commented on what I wear?”

   “Why would you ask that? You are, like, the coolest person fashion-wise in this office! We all love your clothes! Very hipster-ish.”

   Sighing, Paige pinched her nose and thought of how to respond. “I don’t think the executives are looking at how much of a hipster I am. That’s who I’m worried about.”

   “Did your sister put this idea in your head?”

   Paige nodded.

   “Look, I talk to all the assistants here, and believe me when I tell you we talk about everything. No one has ever mentioned your wardrobe to me, so I think if anyone has an issue with it, it’s Ariel and Ariel alone.”

   They sat in companionable silence for a moment before Daisy spoke again.

   “So, a baby in the family. That should be nice.”

   “I guess. Although, I have to admit, I have a hard time imagining Ariel dealing with pregnancy. I don’t think she realizes that she won’t be rocking her designer suits and heels quite like she’s used to.”

   Daisy chuckled. “Well…maybe she will. You see all those glamorous actresses walking the red carpet when they’re nine months pregnant, and they do it with such ease! Remember Beyoncé at that awards show? I can barely walk around in high heels now. I couldn’t imagine doing it while I had a baby belly.”

   “I guess we’re going to find out soon enough how she’ll do.” Honestly, no matter how snarky her thoughts, Paige knew her sister would come off looking like it was all a breeze. If it were Paige, however, there wasn’t a doubt in her mind that pregnancy would make her look like a bloated, beached whale.

   Great. Something to look forward to.


   Clearing her throat, Daisy picked up the list that had fallen to the floor and glanced at it again. “Honestly, Paige, it’s not that this is a bad list. It’s random—almost as if she were simply picking names of people who have been in the headlines lately. I can’t see a correlation between any of them and this particular campaign.”

   “That’s what I thought too. I just wish she had—”

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