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One More Promise (Band on the Run #2)(4)
Author: Samantha Chase


   This is exactly what always happened. She’d be feeling good about herself and then her sister would walk by with some stupid comment and undo the girl-power pep talk she had just given herself.

   Straightening her glasses—oh yes, she wore glasses too—she resigned herself to going in front of the board looking less than executive worthy and hoped everyone would be more focused on the facts and figures of the campaign than her choice in fashion.

   One could hope, right?

   As they exited the ladies’ room, Paige immediately switched gears and went into work mode. “Okay, did you send out those invitations I asked you to for participants?” Paige had given her that simple job in exchange for helping Ariel negotiate the fine points of the Hernandez contract. Invitations were one of Ariel’s strongest points. No one liked to refuse her. That’s why Paige hadn’t assigned the task to one of their assistants.

   Ariel nodded as she glided elegantly down the hall. Paige had to take two steps to her sister’s one. “I did. And I even reached out to several more. This way if anyone backs out, we have substitutes at the ready.”

   “Perfect. Good job. Thanks,” Paige replied. “Have you gotten any responses yet? I mean to the new ones?”

   Ariel nodded again. “It’s all in the folder.”

   “What folder?”

   “The one I gave you.”

   Paige huffed loudly as they turned and made their way toward the corner conference room. “You didn’t give me a folder, Ariel.”

   “Well, I put it on your desk,” she said flippantly, and then her entire face broke out in a smile as their father stood to greet them. “Hi, Daddy! You’re looking handsome today!”

   Ugh. Seriously?

   “Hey, Dad,” she said with a smile after Ariel stepped aside.

   “There’s my girl,” Robert Walters said proudly. “All set for your big presentation?”

   “I am. I was just…”

   “Didn’t you forget that folder on your desk?” Ariel asked sweetly, and Paige wanted to kick her.

   Their father looked at Paige expectantly.

   “Um…thanks for reminding me. Give me five minutes.” She took two steps back, then turned and did her best not to run from the room.

   Of course, once she was out of the conference room’s line of vision, she bolted. Down the hall, around the bend, and she almost tripped and fell as her assistant, Daisy, jumped out from behind her desk.

   “Hey! Where’s the fire?” she asked and then gasped. “Oh my God! Is there? A fire? Are you coming here to warn everyone? Should I make an announcement? Everyone—”

   “No! No!” Paige quickly interrupted. “There’s no fire. I forgot a folder I need for the meeting. Ariel said she put it on my desk.” Walking past her assistant, she went into her office and began a frantic search of her desk. There were papers and files and calendars and Post-its but…no folder. The one she had given Ariel was a pretty pastel blue with the logo she was thinking of using for the campaign on it. “Where the heck…?”

   “You know, if you cleaned that surface off once in a while, you’d be able to find things much easier.”

   “Uh-huh… Where could she have put it?”

   “In the conference room.”

   Paige instantly stood. “Excuse me?”

   “The folder? The pretty blue one with the logo you think looks good but needs to be tweaked because it’s too generic for something like this? Personally, I think you should go with something—”

   “Daisy! Focus! Where is the folder?”

   Daisy sighed and said, “In the conference room. You had already left when Ariel floated in here on her cloud of superiority, and I told her you weren’t coming here before the meeting. But did she listen? No. So after she left, I took the folder to the conference room for you. It’s on the little podium stand and everything. Oh, and I left you a bottle of water and a little thing of hand sanitizer.”

   This time she didn’t bother hiding that she was running and simply sprinted down the hall and back to the conference room. Her footsteps echoed as she entered the room and all eyes were on her.


   With a quiet clearing of her throat, she apologized and took her seat at the table and then waited for her father to do as he always did—go over their agenda and open the floor to any new projects—and then he’d let her get up and do her thing.

   Relief swamped her as she got comfortable and realized that no one was particularly paying attention to her and she could take a few minutes to catch her breath and collect her thoughts. She wished she could have grabbed the folder to glance through it before she had to stand up and present. Her curiosity was piqued about who else Ariel had reached out to. For starters, she didn’t think her sister knew of any other authors who would achieve Paige’s goals.

   Paige followed along on the agenda and made notes where she knew she’d need to step in and finalize details and finally—finally!—her father called her up.

   At the podium, she smiled and immediately started sharing one of her favorite stories about when reading had become so important to her. She had been eight, and it had been storming and she couldn’t go outside and play. Her mother had suggested sitting quietly with a book. That book had been Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. For several minutes, Paige described how it felt to be transported to another world, where she could forget about the storm and about her disappointment about not being able to go outside and instead enjoy the wonders of the written word.

   When she looked up, she saw some interest, some boredom, and her sister filing her nails.

   Clearing her throat, she straightened and went in for the hard facts and figures. “The statistics haven’t changed much in the past decade. Thirty-two million adults in the United States are functionally illiterate. Over twenty percent of adults read below a fifth-grade level. And it’s not getting better, as schools are graduating teens who can’t read. Libraries and schools want to change this. With the introduction of projects such as International Literacy Day, we have brought this problem more into the spotlight, but it’s not enough. We may not be able to help everyone, but I believe with the right campaign, we can put a dent in this alarming statistic.”

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