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Cocksure (Cocksure #1)(3)
Author: K.I. Lynn

I laugh out loud and then cover my mouth in embarrassment when a snort escapes. I look around to see if anyone sitting around me in the airport is looking, but if they heard, they don’t care or they’re just used to hearing crazy people snort all alone while they sit and wait for their plane. I type back to my best friend, Alyson. She’s one of the people I’ve missed most since deciding to stay in California after finishing college.

I’ve seen her over the years, but those times have been rare as she’s been working two jobs since leaving school when her brother died suddenly. I’ve missed her something terrible and can’t wait to be able to see her more often now that I’m moving home.

Everly Hayes: Are you trying to say that my ass looks like Christmas hams? I think I might just be insulted enough to stay in California now.

Alyson: NO! It’s a compliment! Your ass has always been better than mine! Get it on the plane lady! I’ll be forced to drive my shit box of a car from Massachusetts to California if you don’t!

Everly: I thought you said your car was gone?

Alyson: Yeah, the one I had is gone. The one I have now is worse. Probably wouldn’t make it past Rhode Island, but I’d try if it meant I was closer to you guys ;)

Everly: You guys?

Alyson: You and your pigs! Pay attention Ev!

Everly: Smh You do like one thousand squats a day and run a million miles a week. I’m sure your ass is far from that of a chicken Al *rolling my eyes at you*

Alyson: Whatever. Just make sure you roll them at me in person and get on that damn plane!

“Attention passengers on flight 1247 to Boston, we will begin boarding in five minutes.”

And that’s my cue.

Everly: Well, would you look at that . . .

Alyson: HELLO! I’m across the country and can’t see what you’re looking at. Now I’m rolling my eyes at YOU!

Everly: LOL They just called my flight. I’m about to get on the plane and leave this life behind me, I say to her, and for the first time since deciding to leave California and the life I built here, it hits me. I’m leaving this place behind me and all the memories that stay with it.

Alyson: Don’t think about it. I know you and I know you’re sitting in that airport right now second guessing yourself, but this is the right choice! You made it. YOU decided. No one made this choice for you and it’s what’s right or you would never have gone to the extreme of selling your home, leaving your job and a place you’ve loved and called home for years. Leave that fucker there and don’t look back!

Everly: I’m not second guessing my decision.

Alyson: We’ll talk when you get here. Call me when you land no matter what time it is I want a call!

Everly: Okay.

Alyson: GET ON THE PLANE! Grabbing my screwdriver if you don’t!

Everly: Screwdriver?

Alyson: LOL It’s how I start my new car. Don’t ask! LOVE YOU!! XX

Everly: Love you too! See you soon! XX

She starts her car with a screwdriver? I think and shake my head. I’m not in the right mindset to think about Aly and all that seems to have changed with her, but I make a mental note to ask her more when I get back to Boston.

I call the waiter over and pay my tab before picking up my bag and making a quick pit stop. Ten minutes later I’m settling into my seat in first class, ready for the near six-hour flight.

I down a glass of wine during the hour-long tarmac wait, which helps me to relax.

When the plane finally rockets down the runway, I picture Niko in my mind, hoping for good dreams as I feel the lack of sleep take hold. No amount of caffeine can keep me up after being awake for over twenty-four hours.



WALKING INTO THE PUB in Newton is like stepping into one of my happy places. It’s been our hangout for years, starting when we were in training, spending every night we could pounding down pints after a hard day. Years later, we’ve officially become regulars.

It’s oddly the same after a decade. The dark woods, rich hops smell, and the dim mood lighting set up a level of comfort and sophistication. Their level of snotty didn’t always like our brand of celebration, but the ladies liked our energy over their stuck-up dates.

As we sit at the bar, I notice they’ve updated the menus in the last few weeks. The items look the same, with a few new dishes. It’s always been great, which is one reason why we come so often.

“Thanks for coming, man,” Cameron says as he signals to Mike, the bartender. “Coke and a Sam Adams.”

I turn and stare at him. “You said beer. Do you think I’m going to turn that down?”

He lets out a chuckle and shakes his head. “Nah, but it’s different since I’m waiting for Ev.”

It’s been about ten years since I last saw Cam’s little sister, Everly. The last time I saw her, she was a teenager and the definition of geek: glasses, braces, messy ponytail, and clothes that were unflattering to her flat body. She used to follow us around, as much as she was allowed to anyway. I always thought it was funny, but Cameron, not so much. Kind of hard to make it to first base with your kid sister in tow.

“Red Sox are playing tonight,” I say as I look up at the screen. The game, the second one of the season, is just starting.

“Why do you think I suggested here?” Cam asks. “Besides, it looks like we’ll be waiting awhile. Her plane’s delayed.”

“Doesn’t surprise me from what I hear about that airport.”

“It’s unbelievable, especially with all the construction. Then again, what airport isn’t a nightmare?”

I shrug. “You fly more than me.” The last time I took a plane was to visit my mom’s family in Greece when I was sixteen. “I can’t believe your sister has been in California for so long.”

“Good thing technology is on our side.”


He nods. “I don’t think I’d even know Everly anymore if it wasn’t for that.”

“You have stayed weirdly close,” I note before taking a sip of my beer.

“She’s the only sister I have. Plus, once I became an official adult, she wasn’t that annoying.”

I tilt my head back in laughter. “You mean once you were off to college and away from her.”

Cam’s brow scrunches before he rolls his eyes and lets out a sigh. “Yeah. That. But then I did want to, you know, have a friendship with her.”

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