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Ride Wild (Raven Riders #3)(7)
Author: Laura Kaye



Chapter 3


As bad as Slider’s earlier words had made Cora feel, his actions now made her feel more important than anyone else ever had. Except Haven, of course, who never once let Cora believe she was anything less than her best friend in the world. Slider’s behavior was confusing as hell, but Cora went with it, because she was worried out of her mind over Ben.

And given how scared she was, she couldn’t imagine how Slider was feeling. Not after having lost a wife.

So Cora was determined to be there for both of them. In whatever ways and for however long they might need her. Because it was good to be needed. And no one else seemed to need her except the Evans men. Not even Haven anymore, who now had a man who was absolutely devoted to her. After everything she’d been through, Haven deserved that devotion—and every bit of the happiness she’d found with Dare Kenyon.

But it left Cora more than a little adrift in her own life.

“The doctor will be in to see you soon,” the nurse said as they arrived at a curtained exam room.

Slider nodded, and then his pale gaze cut to Cora like he was looking for something from her. But she didn’t know him well enough to do more than squeeze his hand in reassurance. “I can wait here until you’ve had a chance to see him.”

“I want you with me. He’s, um, going to want to see you, too.” His hand still around hers, he pulled her inside.

Whatever pleasure she’d felt from those declarations quickly fell away when she took in Ben’s little body, looking so small in the big hospital bed.

Slider’s face was a stone wall, but she felt the jolt of his reaction where they were connected. “Hey, Benji,” he said, his voice strained.

The boy’s eyes swam open and finally focused. And even though his forehead was bruised, bandages covered the side of his head and one arm, and an IV ran into his other arm, the kid’s face still managed to light up when he saw his father. “Dad, I got to ride in an ambulance,” he said with a hint of his usual exuberance.

Slider managed a chuckle as he eased onto the edge of the mattress and took Ben’s hand. “Yeah? Did they turn on the siren for you?”

“It was loud,” Ben said, eyes wide. “And everything inside was shiny. And the man told me knock-knock jokes the whole way here.” Cora heaved a relieved breath. Hearing the kid talk gave her hope that he’d be okay. “He was almost as funny as you, Cora.”

She smiled at the sweet compliment. “No one’s as funny as me, Bean. No one.” Even though, just then, humor was eluding her in favor of bone-deep relief. This kid had lost a mother at the age of four. The last thing he needed was any kind of permanent injury at the age of six.

He rolled his eyes. “Coowa, it’s Ben!”

Happy tears threatened. “Yeah? Well, Ben, how’s that noggin feeling? Is it true you dented the monkey bars with it?”

“Noooo,” he said with a giggle as he nodded toward the bed opposite from where Slider sat. Even though the man had made it clear he wanted her there, she couldn’t help but feel a little like she was intruding, so she’d hung back. But now she made her way to Ben’s side. “I have a headache. And my elbow hurts. And I might need a case on my arm. But I didn’t break the monkey bars. Or, at least, I don’t think I did.”

“I think it’s called a cast, buddy,” Slider said.

“Oh, yeah. And they said I could pick the color of it,” Ben said. “Isn’t that cool?”

Slider nodded, his eyes suddenly blinking fast. “Really cool,” he managed.

Seeing the normally stoic man struggle with emotion almost brought tears to Cora’s eyes. “Definitely the coolest,” she added, admiring the kid’s positivity. He’d been hurt, taken a probably scary ride by himself in an ambulance, and been poked with a needle, yet what he focused on was how fun the ride was and that he’d get to choose the color of his cast. She pulled a stuffed animal out of her purse. “Brought someone for you.”

“Blue Bear!” he exclaimed, grasping his favorite toy, lumpy and misshapen, into his hands. Belying its name, it was more gray than blue from being washed and loved on again and again.

“I knew he might worry about you,” she said, “so I thought he should come.”

“Yeah, he does worry sometimes,” Ben said, rubbing the bear’s face against his own. “But I’ll make sure he doesn’t get scared.”

Just then, the doctor came into the room and detailed more specifically exactly what Ben’s condition was. He had a broken elbow, for which they were waiting for the orthopedist before they set it and put on the cast. His bandage hid a cut on the forehead, which had already received five stitches. And he had a concussion that required some scans and overnight observation because Ben had briefly lost consciousness.

But he would be okay.

That left Cora feeling like she might float right up to the ceiling. She’d known him only a few months, but she’d become really fond of Ben. Of all the Evans men, if she were honest. Even Slider. For all his brooding reserve, he was a good dad. And the way he’d come after her this morning proved that, on some level, he cared about her, too. Even if it was just because he valued her as a caregiver for his kids.

That was more than she’d ever gotten from most people.

When the doctor left, a nurse ducked in. “Your other son is here, but only two visitors are allowed in the room at a time.”

“Oh, okay. I’ll go so he can come back.” Cora pressed a light kiss to Ben’s forehead. “You just concentrate on getting better.”

“Don’t leave,” Ben said.

She smiled. “I’ll just be in the waiting room. Don’t worry.” Cora made her way around the bed, surprised when Slider reached out and grasped her hand.

“Thanks,” he said, pale green eyes peering up at her from underneath the long strands of brown.

Nodding, she left and found Sam waiting at the desk with Haven and Dare, along with Dare’s cousin and the club’s vice president, Maverick Rylan, and his girlfriend, Alexa. Phoenix and a few other Ravens were there, too. They weren’t all related by blood, but this was still every bit Cora’s idea of what a family was. People who cared. People who showed up. People who claimed you, no matter what.

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